Brut Rosé IPA and the Fight Against Breast Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Millions of people every year are deeply affected by breast cancer. Approximately one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetimes, according to the American Cancer Society.

Breast cancer research and awareness is an ongoing issue that we recognize and take seriously. During the month of October, we are donating a portion of draught proceeds of our Brut Rosé IPA, a pale pink brut IPA brewed with raspberries and hibiscus flowers, to the ACS and breast cancer research and cure development.

We are proud to say we have partnered with on-premise friends all over the Front Range to contribute to this effort. Look out for the pink Brut Rosé IPA tap handle at bars around town, and for the posters indicating that location as a partner in the battle against breast cancer. Portions of proceeds of draft pints sold at locations that carry Brut Rosé IPA will be donated to ACS, in addition to a percentage of draft sales in our Park Hill taproom.

Let’s make this a huge month of fundraising for a deeply affecting disease. Join us.

Breast Cancer Facts & Figures from the American Cancer Society.

Donate to the fight here.

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