Missy Stewart is Station 26 Brewing Co.'s new Taproom Manager. Among managing the taproom's many moving parts, Missy finds time for the good life, too. Read more below.


Where are you from, and how did you arrive at Station 26? I moved here four years ago from Jacksonville, Florida for two main reasons: beer and snowboarding. Both of which I am doing today! I was previously a bar manager for Old Chicago as well as the Taproom Manager for Peak to Peak Taproom. I left Old C's to get back to my passion...locally crafted beer!

What is your favorite kind of beer? When I go out I always want an IPA unless I know I am at a brewery or taproom that makes a good Belgian.

If you could be any vegetable, which one would you be and why? I would be a pickle. Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, crunchy and refreshing. Either way, good for you!

Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? Any girl that age was a swooning fan of both! But if I had to pick a team from the two I would go *NSYNC. JT was the man.

Who’s the biggest craft beer person in your life? My mentor in the industry has done so much to educate me and progress my career. He has been a huge help in meeting the right people and guiding me through the Denver craft scene the past 4 years. Thanks Gary Valliere!

Favorite Colorado breweries? This list could get outrageous so I will try to keep it simple. Oskar Blues, Black Bottle, Horse & Dragon, Gravity, Lost Highway, Cerebral, Trinity, Bierstadt, Bakers, Telluride, Funkwerks, 4 Noses, Elevation, City Star...Just to name a few...


If you could follow any band on their summer tour, who would you groupie? I have been lucky enough to follow quite a few of my favorite bands of tour over the years. That being said, I would still follow Lettuce who I have seen upwards of 20-30 times. When they tour they like to hit Japan for live record session, which I would love to hear and see! Funk music is life.

Do you have any interesting collections? I collect crystals and gems. I easily have 500+ individual crystals, all of which have a home on a shelf, or are on my body in some form of jewelry.

Dream beer to brew, and what would you name it? “Shine On Crazy Diamond” - Starfruit Agave Saison.

Random fact about you? I am a published poet back in Jacksonville. I was in a few local poetry journals and still write all the time. I am in the practicing stages of reciting these poems so I may get up the courage to do some slam poetry sessions one day!