Mythology Distillery and Station 26 Brewing Co: A Partnership Born from Friendship, Craft Beer, and Craft Spirits

Traveling the world and good beer were always centerpieces of this particular friendship. Now there are delicious craft cocktails to add to the mix.

Mythology Distillery and Station 26 Brewing Co. are excited to get to work on a fun partnership that brings together craft beer and craft liquor in a few different ways.


Scott Yeates and Mike Zakhem, influenced by their friends who opened Station 26, have recently opened Mythology Distillery in Denver’s Lower Highland neighborhood. Mythology, similar to our beer recipes here at Station 26 that use locally-produced Root Shoot malts, uses Colorado-grown grain to produce high-quality spirits from a Vendome copper still. Mythology has a full-service bar for customers to enjoy specialty cocktails, the classics, craft beer and wine, and an international street food menu.  

Juicy Banger IPA and Tangerine Cream are the first featured beers on draft at Mythology for guests that want to mix it up between cocktails. 


We are thrilled to also be working with Mythology on future collaboration projects, including producing barrel aged beers using Mythology Whiskey, Rum, and Brandy barrels. Meanwhile, Mythology is planning on distilling a special-release Station 26 beer into a barrel aged whiskey. 

Go have one or a few of Mythology's well-crafted, fantastic new cocktails. Mix it up with a Juicy Banger IPA or Tangerine Cream. And stay tuned for more details and events around this exciting collaboration!

Hamlet FortComment