Serious Beer, Not People

We love to drink beer – all types of beer. When it comes to good beer, we don't discriminate. Light, dark, hoppy – there's a time and a place for them all. We also love making beer. So much so, that we decided to start making it in an old Denver fire station.

We're making all sorts of beer. Come taste for yourself. We'll pour you some tasters in our fancy cups. We have a cool space for drinking beer with friends. Ride your bike. Bring takeout. Whatever, man.


Questions We're Asked A Lot

Do you serve food?
We do not serve food in our taproom, but we have a series of rotating food trucks every week on our patio. See the schedule

Do you have a gluten-free beer?
Our 303 Lager and Tangerine Cream are crafted to reduce gluten.

Do you allow dogs?
Yes, out on the patio.

Do you allow kids?
Yes, the well behaved ones.

Are you hiring?
See here for our latest job posting.

Can you donate beer to my event?
Possibly, but please note that we receive lots of requests and we can't say yes to them all. Email Hamlet and we'll see what we can do.

When is Bluegrass Brunch?
The second Sunday of every month.